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Seven Wonders - Obsessed

“Hotel Kalifornia Architect artist Heidi Locher might not be a household name, but her jutting, loftily conceptual structures - such as London’s Jerwood House and Soho Theatre - label her a quiet kind of living legend. Hotel Kalifornia her latest project, is a sassy-ass trip into Locher’s personal dreadscape; with a strong emphasis on loneliness and inward reflection throughout ... Locher’s self-starring short film about a girl exploring her deepest, darkest thoughts in a neon-lit hotel room (yes, designed by the artist.) ”


Art Review

The Power 100


Art of England

"Heidi Locher's Solo Show brings Art and Architecture together.

“Locher’s Hotel Kalifornia, on at Londonnewcastle Project Space, shows the progression of her artwork, bringing together elements of her interdisciplinary practice … The slow-motion footage, stylised white lighting and penetrating detail heighten the physical and emotional aspects that perfectly demonstrate Heidi’s genius."



"This  Architecture is Rome via the West coast, they have given us a new urban typology, with it’s feet in the Roman history of the City of London, its head in the sunshine of American Modernism and as well-formed a facade as you’d find anywhere in the world."
David Jenkins/ Architectural Journal
"One of the great London Houses of the 20th century."
Kenneth Powell / Domus
"They design theatres and galleries and suchlike, but they are good - very  good - at houses and the architectural purity of Paxton-Locher House is absolute. Moreover, in their quiet way they are entrepreneurs, they find sites, they take risks, they stretch themselves. Indeed they virtually invented the "Clerkenwell Loft” which in lesser hands has become an estates agents cliche."
Hugh Pearman /The Sunday Times Magazine

"Heidi Locher has insinuated bile as well as beauty into the realm of the domestic and the public interior."
David Alan Mellor
"The seductive surface of the paint and the starkness of the concrete appear to hold hidden obsessions, memories and fantasies at the hand of the artist, as though it is divulging a secret or hidden memories, the link between intimacy and discomfort."
Jerwood Space Press Release
"We need to be shown things in a different way for them to have resonance. I'm not very interested in the middle ground but I've always been interested in the big idea and the tiny detail."
John Paul Pryer / Dazed and Confuzed